Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kaleidoscope Heart

Just a little something new I whipped up today. Yes the name of the strap cover is inspired by one of my favorite musicians, Miss Sara Bareilles. I always listen to music while I sew. It helps me keep pace and it's just fun. Today's playlist included: Lenka Holly Brooke Colbie Caillat Missy Higgins Jason Marz Maroon 5 Sara Bareilles Tristan Prettyman Just to name a few...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday

Like a lot of artists, the creative process for me begins long before I actually sit down to sew. Before I even pick out fabric to create new strap covers or brooches I always check out my favorite web sites and magazines(some fashion and some photography) and try to gain a little inspiration. I love to work with color and I always love finding a piece that really speaks to me for one reason or another.
I can't wait to create something inspired by this ring. I think it's just beautiful. I love the way the colors really work together. This ring and other magical pieces can be found at
And just for fun I thought I'd show off these pretty babies too. I think they are just the right mix of hard and soft. They can also be found at Anthropologie.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Black & White Raspberry Ruffle

I was reading my Real Simple Magazine(my favorite magazine BTW) this month and there was a piece on ruffles and how they are the prettiest accent to clothes and accessories this season. I have to agree and so I decided to incorporate some ruffles into my latest designs. Let me introduce you to my newest creation, my Black and White Raspberry Ruffle Camera Strap Cover
As always this strap cover and all my other products can be purchased through my Etsy shop! Thanks for looking! Also stay tuned for a special Valentine's Day giveway coming soon!